The Team

re at Cissbury stables we are very much a team. There are a few nervous faces on a Monday morning when the two year olds are at their freshest but more often than not you will see someone cracking a smile. Whether it be a heated debate over the latest music in the charts or a discussion regarding the latest novelty website, conversation is always flowing when the horses are out at work. Everyone plays a valuable role in ensuring the horses are kept fit and well.


Trainer- Philip Hide


Philip Hide

Racing Secretary- Michelle Hide


Key Members of team: 

Gerry Enright
Gerry Otomo

Megan McLoughlin
Darkroom wins at Goodwood

Sophie Sparkes

Jason Nuttall

Jason Nuttall Web

Thierry Decherf

Thierry Decherf

Megan Spencer

Megan Spencer Black C

Judith Prior

Buzz Lightyere win at Brighton (2)
Louise McMenamin

Louise McMenamin

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